Ornamental wrought iron and other creations.

Heritage Iron Works specializes in ornamental wrought iron. We take pride in offering products that are truly original in design and the first to be offered in the market.You will find items that make a great accent for decorating your lawn, garden or even indoors.

Pictured here is one of our jack-o-lantern stands that makes a fantastic Halloween decoration. They are very unique and a great treat to have around the house, garden or yard. The jack-o-lantern stand was awarded a silver medallion at the M.I.C. inventors congress! Check out our catalog, we offer five different stands. 
  US Pat Nos: D444,411 ;D445,356 ;D445,357 ;D445,720

Go to our catalog page and check out our newest design, a ROCKING HORSE PLANTER. Another first in ornamental iron!

Keep checking back with us as we are in the process of adding several new items this year!
**IMPORTANT** If you wish to purchase items and pay by check, please e-mail us for a price and further instuctions. Our products are bulky and quite heavy so shipping is estimated per item.  Contact us by e-mail for a better shipping rate on muliple items.  Click Contact Us below.

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